Sunday service beginning at 10:30 am.

Saturday, September 24th

God's Pantry will be returning to the Chino High student parking lot

Welcome to


Park Christian Fellowship


... come grow with us!

God's Pantry

Sermon Series


June 12th through the rest of 2016

Our Vision at Park

It is our hope and prayer at Park that families in the Chino area will experience peace as they realize that they are not alone, but are connected to a community and a hope that transcends their hardships. We hope and pray that family bonds will be strengthened and God's love will be shared in tangible ways.


Adopted June, 2012

Home @ Park

A place of peace and life in the midst of a hectic, fragmented world.

A gathering place for family.

A place of re-creation.

A place to enjoy God's beauty.

A place where things and people grow.

A place where you can explore and learn.

A place to make connections.

A place for laughter.


A place to meet God.


We desire and believe God has called us to be this kind of place.